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​"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Dodderers 1-Year-Old to 5-Year-Old Pre-Schoolers

With an active life, we know that you need the best care and love for your little tots. At APA, we understand work schedules change at any given time, traffic delays and unforeseen circumstances occur. That is why at APA we open our doors at 6:30 AM to 6:30 PM.  Our Staff is equipped tp have patience, be attentive and provide unparalleled attention to all our children. You will notice our active, energetic children exploring the wonders of our preschool. Most often found enjoying arts, storytime and creative activities that enhance their learning.

​ABEKA & Creative Curriculum

ABEKA Curriculum is a faith-based, accredited academic developed program for your child(ren) up to twelfth grade. It is imperative that your child(ren) at an early age, gets an early start. That is why at AP Academy, an early successful reading program is paramount in your child(ren)'s life. Learning letters, sounds, blending words through exciting words, instructions and colorful visuals is vital to your child(ren) developmental growth. No child is too young to learn. We all learn life differently, that is why through Creative Curriculum, it is learning based on your child(ren) environment which focuses on decision making, social interaction with their buddies, sensory, and their own choices while being supported by loving teachers to ensure fundamental growth.

Transitional Kindergarteners - Exciting Two-Year-Olds through - VPK

With diapers soon being a what is that
 moment. Dodderers will soon be on a transitional path to a successful transition into 1st Grade. With gradual blossoming skills - language, writing, active social interactions and plenty of imaginary scenarios. They will be prepped for growth as they transition from Dodderer's to Exciting Two, Three, Wonderful Four, and then into Significant Five-Year-Olds (VPK). Learning Team-Work, Leadership, Sharing, and Small Group will be dynamic for the people skills they will soon be implementing. Celebrating every new step in their life will be a blessing to share with you. We look forward to your child(ren)s growth while being in a loving and caring preschool you deserve.

About Us

Alpha Preschool Academy was built on a passion for their future - our future. 



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ABEKA Curriculum

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